Danger in Ukraine: “Poroshenko must win, or he must run!” – The Saker

The first round of the Presidential election in Ukraine took place on April Fool’s Day and it could be tempting to dismiss it all like a big farce which, of course, it was, but, we should not overlook the fact that some very interesting and important events have just taken place.

Now I don’t want to present that just as some kind of massive anti-Nazi vote because, in truth, this is first and foremost a massive no-confidence vote against the entire ruling elite of the Banderastan which emerged in 2014 as a result of the Euromaidan coup d’etat.

Remember how Poroshenko promised peace in weeks, full respect for the Russian language and prosperity for all? Well, all he delivered was chaos, insecurity, poverty, violence, a massive influx of Ukronazis from Canada and the USA and, above all, a completely hysterical, rabid, russophobia combined with abject groveling before the AngloZionist Empire.

He also brought an absolutely unbelievable level of corruption, having personally doubled his net worth many times over. The legacy Ziomedia and the Ukropropaganda can say all they want, and they can try to ban the Russian media and Internet in Ukraine.

But the truth is that everybody in Ukraine knows that Ukraine went from being the richest Soviet Republic to the poorest country in Europe. In fact, there are quite a few African countries which are doing much better than Ukraine. The truth is and has been for several years now, that Ukraine is a failed state and that there is absolutely no even vaguely plausible scenario in the foreseeable future in which Ukraine could begin to recover.

Petro Poroshenko scores a remarkable personal victory

Poroshenko’s absolutely vital goal was to make it into the 2nd round. Had he failed to make it he would have had to immediately jump into an aircraft and leave the country (because the most likely victor of the Presidential election would have been Julia Tymoshenko and we can be darn sure that she would immediately jail him and most of his cronies).

In order to make it into the 2nd round, Poroshenko did not have to defeat Zelensky, but only defeat Tymoshenko and that Poroshenko also succeeded in doing. Oh sure – it was thanks to a huge, massive fraud all over the country (especially in the easternmost and westernmost regions) and he beat her only by 2.5% but that is more than enough.

Besides, it is practically impossible to falsify an election and compensate for, say, a 15%-20% difference. But to cheat and change a result by less than 5% is much more doable. In fact, if we assume that a 5% fraud is well within the means of an outgoing President and billionaire, then we can also see that we will never know who really won.

This is not today’s topic, but Boyko’s score is rather amazing considering that he was presented by the entire Ukronazi propaganda machine as “Putin’s agent” and that he even had the audacity to travel to Moscow to meet with Gazprom CEO Miller and Prime Minister Medvedev.

Boyko not only won as many regions as Poroshenko – 2 – but eastern Ukraine clearly voted for him, which tells us all we need to know about where the true sympathies of the people of the Donbass really are.

In fact, we can be pretty sure that this outcome has been carefully noted in Donetsk and Lugansk and that this only makes the position of the Novorussians vis-à-vis Kiev even stronger.

Finally, it should also be noted here that the outcome of this first round of elections further confirms that the current Banderastan is falling apart and that this is an artificial country with artificial borders and no heritage (cultural, linguistic, religious or political) common to all the people currently living under the Nazi occupation.

What we see here is a double effort by Poroshenko: on one hand, he used his immense personal wealth and his equally immense “administrative resource” to buy as many votes as possible, while on the other hand, he got the missing votes simply by falsifying the election.

In fact, I think that pretty much all the main candidates agree that the election was stolen, except for the two who benefited from this.

We will never know for sure how much of the votes were stolen but Rostislav Ishchenko, probably currently the best expert on Ukraine, estimates that no less than 20% of the votes were stolen, and of these no less than 10% were stolen from Julia Tymoshenko.

Of course, this is just his best guesstimate, and 20 % sounds extremely high to me, but he is the expert with deep connections on all levels in Ukraine. What is certain – and everybody agrees on that – is that the fraud was massive, way bigger than in any previous Ukrainian election.

Comparing Poroshenko and Zelensky

Where Poroshenko was the ultimate apparatchik Zelensky is the ultimate outsider and just as the people of the USA did not vote “for” Trump as much as they voted “against” Hillary, so the people of Ukraine did not really vote “for” Zelensky, but “against” Poroshenko.

In fact, Zelensky does not have anything resembling a political program (only vague and nice sounding slogans) and he most certainly has no other political record other than being a standup comedian and actors in several (pretty good) satirical series.

Frankly, it appears that Zelensky was as stunned by his victory as Trump was by his. Still, in theory, it is almost impossible for Poroshenko to win this one. Not only do all the other candidates hate Poroshenko way more than they would dislike Zelensky, voters for Tymoshenko or Boiko are far more likely to vote for Zelensky than for Poroshenko.

This creates an extremely dangerous situation: Poroshenko can only win by massive fraud.

Now Tymoshenko did declare that the first round was stolen, but she decided not to appeal this officially. Furthermore, it is now apparent that Tymoshenko was ditched by most of her US supporters, something which she clearly did not expect and which came as a total shock to her, hence her stunned reaction to the announced figures.

She has always been, and still is, a remarkably intelligent lady and a very calculating realist: she simply knows that an official rejection of the outcome from her would make no difference. But you can be sure that behind the scenes the interests Tymoshenko represents are now talking to the people of Kolomoisky and that Poroshenko is fully aware of that.

In spite of being the most universally hated politician in Ukraine, Poroshenko managed, in extremis, not only to get into the 2nd round but he also managed to be opposed by a weak and generally ridiculous opponent like Zelensky whom he would crush in a debate (which Zelensky will probably refuse precisely for this reason) rather than against a formidable opponent by any measure like Tymoshenko. So that part of the plan worked. What did not work is that the Nazis clearly under-estimated how hated they have become.

Conclusion: a very interesting and very dangerous situation

Poroshenko is now truly cornered: he absolutely must win, or he must run. In order to win, his options are very limited: he can do more of the same (buy and/or steal votes), of course, but that is unlikely to be sufficient.

But a massive crisis of some kind, preferably against Russia (of course!) would come in really handy right now. I hope that the Kremlin has placed everybody on high alert as the danger of a provocation (especially a false flag) are higher than ever before.

Another very real possibility in case of a Zelenskii victory is a violent insurrection by the Ukronazi death-squads (known as “dobrobats” in Ukrainian). Such an armed insurrection could have the support of key units and individuals in the police and security forces.

Should that happen, it is very possible that Moscow would officially refuse to deal with the new junta and declare that Russia recognizes the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics which, paradoxically, could be a great deal for the Ukronazis as this would trigger a crisis serious enough to justify martial law and any imaginable crackdown in civil and human rights.

Alternatively, if Poroshenko comes up with some kind of pretext to either cancel the 2nd round or with some trick to prevent Zelensky from participating, then there is a very real risk that the 80%+ of people who voted against Poroshenko and who hate the current regime with all their heart will protest, possibly violently. We can be sure that the repression will be ruthless and violent.

For all these reasons the situation right now is the most dangerous one since the Euromaidan.

The key issue here is what will the AngloZionist Empire decide? The problem here is that it has been years since the USA has had anything even vaguely resembling a “US foreign policy”. Under Obama and, even more so under Mr. MAGA, the State Department has become just a public information agency whose sole role is to deliver either sanctions, or threats, or both. This is absolutely crucial so I will repeat it: There is no such thing as a “US foreign policy”

What we do see is key agencies, actors, individuals all having their own “mini foreign policies” which sometimes brings about goofy results (like when the CIA and the Pentagon support different sides in a conflict).

In fact, the two main branches of Ukrainian politics – Nazis and Zionists – are both richly represented in the US government and various entities support different candidates and different agendas. The same is also true for the EU, but since the EU is almost irrelevant (Victoria Nuland was quite right about that), this does not matter.

It would be an exaggeration to say that the US lost control of Ukraine, but Trump clearly cares very little about the Ukronazis and as for Trump’s puppet masters, they don’t seem to be able to agree on a single policy towards this issue. Hence we see in Ukraine what we see everywhere in Trump’s pretend foreign policy: absolute, total chaos.

What about Russia in all this?

Right now the big debate in Russia is “to recognize the outcome of this election or not?”. Both sides have very strong arguments and the Kremlin keeps making very vague statements clearly waiting for the outcome of the 2nd round of the election. This is a very tricky question made even more complex by a growing realization amongst many observers that recognizing the Poroshenko regime the first time around was a big mistake.

Personally, it seems to me that at this point in time all the Kremlin can do is wait and see what will take place. After all, Poroshenko is truly cornered and there is a high likelihood that he will do something dramatic to avoid the 2nd round of voting.

Consider this:The infamous Minister of the Interior, Arsen Avakov, arguably currently the most powerful and dangerous man in Ukraine, has made a most interesting statement about Zelensky:

“A decent man from another world. From another plane. Ready to deal with problems, but at the same time recognizing that in many issues he is not fully competent. In my understanding, this means that he is ready to delegate authority. However, the question arises: can we – Ukrainian society – offer the quality of the elite, which can be entrusted with the implementation of such powers? After all, if he delegates authority to scoundrels – as it happens in some series of “Servants of the people” – it will be very bad for the country. Using expats is also not an option…”(…) “He knows for sure that from point A it is necessary to come to point B, and I am ready to agree with it. But the problem is how to go this way. Often, if you go head-on, you will crash into a wall or break. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right path – and here should work competent and honest specialists”

In plain English this simply means: Zelensky has no personal power base, he will be a puppet, so he better offer me a good deal (“delegate authority“), or I will turn against him and, how knows, an unpredictable accident (“you will crash into a wall or break“) can easily happen. Shocking? Welcome to “Ukrainian thug politics”!

Besides, if the Nazis decide to kill Zelensky they can easily blame it on Russia. Either that or on a “lone, deranged, gunman” which they can find in the thousands amongst the various Nazi death-squads.

Right now the Nazis are in a total panic, they are declaring that Zelensky’s victory is “Moscow’s triumph”, they say that Zelensky will sell out everything Ukrainian and that he is a Putin agent. At the very least, they will now dig up as much dirt on Zelensky as possible (whether real or manufactured). Thus literally anything can happen in the next couple of weeks, ranging from some kind of scandal in Zelensky’s past to a Ukronazi attack on the Donbass.

This is why the Kremlin must now wait and see what happens next.

However, since in practical and political terms the difference between Poroshenko and Zelensky is roughly the difference between Coca-Cola and Pepi-Cola, the Kremlin knows that no matter who actually wins, the Russophobic policies of the current Ukronazi regime will not change.

Furthermore, there is an increasingly vocal segment of the Russian public opinion which is totally fed-up and disgusted with the Ukronazis and which now demands a much tougher stance towards Ukraine.

As for the Empire, it does what it always does

Finally, I want to conclude here by focusing on the absolutely despicable, revolting and totally hypocritical self-induced blindness of the West about this election.

If all this had happened in Russia (or Venezuela, or Iran) the entire United West would be up in arms denouncing the ‘stolen election’ and threatening fire and brimstone if the Russians did not immediately fall on their knees and kiss the Emperor’s ring (I wonder what kind of ring, if any, Trump has) or something to that effect.

But since the toxic regime of Ukronazi’s cum Zionists in Kiev is “our son of a bitch”, the leaders of the Empire are acting like the three monkeys: see nothing, hear nothing and, above all, say nothing.

Truly, the Anglo-Zionist Empire must be the most hypocritical and dishonest in world history.

Think of it: Pretty much all the candidates have declared that this election was stolen. As did all the Ukrainian media not controlled by Poroshenko. Not only that, but millions (some estimates are as high as 10 million) of Ukrainians (mostly, but not only, aboard) were prevented from voting. Thousands of complaints were officially lodged. But no, the global West did not notice. As for the US, it declared this election free and fair (now there is a surprise!).

At the very least, the Empire could have made a (very credible) “Guaido” out of Tymoshenko (who clearly should have been either first or second), but she was ditched, probably as way too smart and too potentially independent-minded: the Empire likes its puppet to be stupid, or drunk, or both (think Jeltsin or Poroshenko here).

Having to chose between two non-entities like Zelensky or Poroshenko is much preferable for the Neocons than to have to deal with smart women like Tymoshenko and, thus, no amount of russophobia on her part will be sufficient to reassure the World Hegemon that she is worth preserving.

Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review



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