“We ask EU not to recognize farce elections in Ukraine!” – EU Parliament Deputy

“The Rai correspondent in Moscow, Marc Innaro, was rejected on the Ukrainian border, a country he was going to cover in order to report the presidential elections, scheduled for Sunday 31 March.

The border guards refused his entry by motivating it with “insufficient validity of the purpose of the staying”.

“The one of Kiev government led by Petro Poroshenko is a very serious decision, which once again targets press freedom. My complete solidarity with Marc Innaro “declares MEP Eleonora Forenza (GUE / NGL)”

After the extradition request for me and the members of the Antifascist Caravan that brought humanitarian aid to the Donbass populations exhausted by the conflict in 2017, after having surreally struck Al Bano and Toto Cutugno, the Ukrainian government comes to block a representative of Italian state television: RAI.

A demonstration of how the climate that was created in Ukraine even more before the vote is anything but free. Martial law, widespread intimidation, and repression, the outlawing of the Communist Party, the conflict with the Donbass region which continues in contempt of MinskII’s truce agreements.

Ukraine is not an example of democracy, unlike what the European Union and NATO keep affirming!

The Italian government and the EU must react harshly to what has happened, calling for the restoration of minimum conditions of respect for democracy and fundamental rights in Ukraine, free entry for journalists and international observers.

Otherwise, we ask that the 31st March farce elections have not to be recognized. Italy has to ask for justice also for the Italian journalist Andrea Rocchelli killed in Ukraine in 2014 while documenting the war against the people of Donbass.”

Eleonora Forenza, EU Parliament Member, Deputy, Italy

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