Opinions about FAKE elections in Ukraine: USA and Italy

“There are serious questions about the 2019 Ukrainian election that need to be answered and are ignored. How widespread is the Neo-Nazi intimidation? Are the politicians buying votes or coercing workers from their companies to vote for them? This has been normal in Ukrainian politics. If these types of corruption are the norm, is a real election possible?”

George Hugo Eliason – journalist and analytic, USA

“I already signed the petition “Stop Fake Elections in Ukraine!” last week, since This election of the president is a simple deception of the people in Ukraine, because the candidate (for the second round) was already unfortunately determined. It is the President Poroshenko. From the West, selected as a candidate for the Vasall.”

Samm Marco Leo – Italian social activist

“In a country dominated by falsehood, where Truth does not exist, it is impossible to believe that the elections are true. No change in a country where power came with a coup, created and supported by the CIA. No news of the Donbass arrives on European newscasts. Why should we believe in true elections in Ukraine?”

David Cachione – Italian activist, leader of ‘Banda Bassotti”, creator of Antifascist caravan, initiator of creation of Antifascist association of friendship Italy and Donbass

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