Brussels-based NGO: EU should consider ‘not recognising’ Ukraine elections

Official observer in the Ukrainian elections and a leading rights NGO says the EU should consider “not recognising” the outcome of the Ukraine elections if allegations of violations in the electoral process are proven.

Willy Fautré, director of the Brussels-based NGO Human Rights Without Frontiers, told this website that election observers had uncovered numerous “irregularities” at voting booths and elsewhere.

“The EU should examine the reports of a wide range of election observation bodies and decide if it will recognise the democratic character of the election. If the election is rigged, the EU should not recognise its results.”

The director of the HRWF, Willy Fautré, himself was in Ukraine as an observer and, speaking at a news briefing in Brussels on the outcome of the poll, he said he had found several cases of alleged violations of the electoral process.

“The picture is not as rosy as some would say and there were numerous violations.”

These, he said, included incidents involving the use of force against campaigners and campaigning in “forbidden places”. He said violations were uncovered at polling stations and also during the campaign itself.

These include the alleged illegal financing of a political party, lack of transparency and misuse of administrative resources.

“Before the second round of voting, the Ukraine Election Commission should make public their reports about violations of the election legislation and prosecute anyone involved.”

The Ukraine interior ministry says hundreds of electoral violations have been reported, but foreign observers say the vote appeared to be mainly smooth.

Source: The Parliament Magazine, 03.04.2019

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