Click the links to read thoughts, opinions and comments, from interesting people all around the world about fake elections in Ukraine 2019! Opinions are collected by the author of the petition: “Stop Fake Elections in Ukraine!”

Petri Krohn:

Opinion: “Elections in Ukraine has turned into protest” – Finnish analytic

Silvio Marconi:

Opinion: “Ukrainian anti-democratic and fascist elections” – Italian author

Clara Statello:

“Anti-Democratic atmosphere in Ukraine” – Italian activist

Okay Deprem:

“Elections do not represent the people of Ukraine” – Turkish journalist

Rose Jordan / Mosab Saleh / Alexander Erdey:

Opinions from USA, Palestine and Britain: “FAKE elections in Ukraine!”

George Eliason / Samm Marco Leo  / David Cachione: 

Opinions about FAKE elections in Ukraine: USA and Italy

Fra Hughes:

“Stop fake fascist rubber stamped elections in Ukraine!” – Irish author and activist

Maurizio Marrone:

“We ask Italian government not to recognize Ukrainian elections” – Italian deputy

Eleanora Forenza:

“We ask EU not to recognize farce elections in Ukraine!” – EU Parliament Deputy

Dennis Pushilin:

“There are no illusions from the elections in Ukraine” – The Head of DPR

Miodrag Zarkovic:

“Kiev want to rule Donbass how they choose” – Serbian journalist

Janus Putkonen:

”No western news about election frauds in Ukraine” – Finnish journalist

Cláudio C. S. Ribeiro:

“Ukrainian elections unfair” – Brazilian professor

Jarmo Ekman:

“Elections in Ukraine should be halted” – Finnish activist

Gunnar Lindeman:

“Poroshenko threatens Ukrainian people” – German Deputy

Ronald van Amerongen:

“Elections in Ukraine – Western democracy is an illusion” – Dutch Journalist