Fake Elections in Ukraine are over – for now: ”The show must go on!”

Presidential elections in Ukraine are over and the winner is another Ukrainian showman, Volodymyr Zelensky. Famous actor who has acted as president, will come as one. Elections in Ukraine represented a kind of a show and hence they ended as it was expected: ”The show must go on!”

Fake elections were taking place, as millions of Ukrainian citizend were deprived from their right to cast their vote, but neither this fact, nor a real situation count for western supporters of Ukrainian regime. Campaign ”Stop Fake Elections in Ukraine” was created in order to open the eyes of the world, and show that democracy and human rights are forgotten in Ukraine.

By the work of the campaign we managed to pass over 200 articles in multiple languages to media around the world. The petition to support the demands was signed by over 10 thousand signatories and numerous comments, articles and press releases were read by countless people. Our social media sites and groups gathered thousands of likes and followers.

We can declare a victory of the campaign without a question. Everything was done by volunteers and all the actions were made with no funding, just using advertising and direct media support, as a grassroot activism for peace and democracy. Finnish journalist and the author of the petition, Janus Putkonen, wants to thank all the participants of the campaign.

”What is the power of truth? We showed it again, that truth does not require budgets and paid advertising. Truth is something that affects us, so the truth about the reality of Ukrainian anti-democratic state should be known”, Putkonen says.

”I want to thank you, each of you who participated in a petition campaign and gave their time and efforts spreading the truth about the bloody Poroshenko’s regime in Kiev,” Putkonen continues.

Zelensky should use his chance

The presidential elections were a battle of oligarchs. Lots of money and efforts were used to change one oligarch power to another one. Petro Poroshenko’s lost makes justice for all of those, who have suffered terribly of the war crimes in Donbass, he is responsible for. Justice should prevail and his presidency should end up where he belongs, in prison.

As is well known, new president Zelensky is a frontman for another notorius oligarch, Igor Kolomoisky, who’s hands are dirty in a civil war in Ukraine. How this position will affect the future of Ukraine, we will see. But as we know the facts, nothing good is expected from Kolomoisky to end the war and to restore peace in Donbass.

Zelensky will have his change now to make things right and convince all parties, that real development can be achieved. The lives of all Ukrainians should urgently get better. He should work under the frame of Minsk agreements and use his chance to make peace, but not to fall to the extremism, using violence as his predecessors. Zelensky should be more than just an acting puppet president, he should be a real one.

The petiotion will be send next to the UN, OSCE, EU and US State department. People’s voice should be heard there, all what we know should be told, even though western mainstream media has been totally unwilling to discuss the major lack of democracy in Ukraine, vote frauds, rigging and oppression of the elections.

This article will close the petition campaign. Social media discussions will certainly continue as well as the general follow up of the events in Ukraine. We continue to closely monitor a new presidency and keep the pressure on Kiev to stop the bloody civil war in Donbass at the negotiation table.

Janus Putkonen, 29.4.2019

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