Opinion: “Ukrainian elections unfair” – Brazilian professor

In the FreeWestMedia article Finnish journalist Janus Putkonen reports that next Ukrainian elections will be a fraud so that millions of inhabitants are denied to vote by the Ukrainian Nazi government.

Besides, “60 million voting ballots have been printed by the Ukrainian Central Election Commission, but there are only 35 million people voters”, says Putkonen, which is, at least, very suspicious.

Yet, oligarch billionaires are represented by many false candidates that will only attend to the elections in order to defend ultra-Right ideas. The old oligarchy also holds the media, which makes all the election process unfair. For instance, media does not allow to spread that 57% of Ukrainians have a favorable attitude to Russia and 77% like Russians.

To enhance this political absurd, in a totally intimidating act, the Ukrainian government and President Poroshenko are disposing the Azov troops are patrolling the streets as a form of threat.

People engaged to Human Rights and who defend Democracy should firm the petition against the fraudulent Ukrainian elections, available on Internet, titled Stop fake elections in Ukraine.

Cláudio C. S. Ribeiro, Brazilian– anthropologist, professor of archeology, teacher at the Federal University

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