Opinions from USA, Palestine and Britain: “FAKE elections in Ukraine!”

“Ukraine had a legal president before the Maidan coup. After the war started, the illegal presidency is leading the country. It makes me totally angry to see how the EU supports the terrorist government of Kiev which is illegal but people’s elected Heads of Lugansk and Donetsk are rejected at all. Horrible double standards. I sign the petition and will share it on my timeline too.”

Rose Jordan, Activist, Great Britain

“I feel very concerned about Ukrainian ultra-nationalists, who are like official police in Ukraine today. These militants, who are patrolling the streets are soldiers of the Nazi-battalions, and now they are also official observers of the elections.

How can one think that elections are free and democratic if there are militants observing elections, and at the same time millions of Ukrainian citizens are not allowed to vote?

For me, it is impossible to understand, that one European nation is openly racist and discriminating its own citizens as Ukraine does. I think the world should pressure Ukraine to respect it’s people’s rights and international laws, and only then we can talk about legal elections. It is clear that Poroshenko is a war criminal and against all Ukrainians.”

Mosab Saleh – Palestinian activist, international observer at elections of the Head of LPR and deputies of People`s Council of LPR

“Talking about the situation in Ukraine, there is a need to mention the original CIA Maidan coup that kicked out the freely elected government. People easily understand CIA coup and the nasty stuff that happens after it.

It was interesting to know the poll results about Ukrainians being friendly to Russia and it is understandable since they have a similar culture. And the division of similar culture is NATO`s tactic to increase military spending.

It should be remembered that many people in the West may be not well educated in the situation in Ukraine and some updating of the crisis history may be useful. The issue with the fake elections is a small part of a much bigger problem. The election view point is a good lead into the bigger issue.”

Alex Erdey, activist and radio producer, USA

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