Opinion: “Elections do not represent the people of Ukraine” – Turkish journalist

By the first round of presidential elections in Ukraine, we saw that Ukrainians and Russians living in this country have been forced to choose the best or at least better among the worse and worst candidates, politicians. Excluding the ones that took quite symbolic rates / votes (around 5 % or less), we see four main candidates: Vladimir Zelenskiy, Peter Parashenko, Yulya Timoshenko and Yuriy Boyka. 

If to begin with actual president Parashenko: Actually even the first round of elections became a real ‘referendum’ for him; for his unsuccessful social and economic politics that he had executed during last 5 years, disobedience of none of his promises during his election campaign in 2014 and above all, and the most important issue that he practically started, expanded and continued the inner war in Donbass and still does not do anything in order to stop this bloody war and compensate all the damages of the most south-east yet he didn’t and doesn’t want it. 

As a result of these, his rating in a few years time decreased from app. 60 % to 16 %… Nevertheless even this 16 % can’t be counted as an unsuccess because his popularity was even % 5-6 not long time ago. Just with the help of artificial state-supported political manipulation and propaganda, he could even get the maximum vote that he could have imagined till a few months before.

About V. Zelenskiy: Actually, the short story, the recent adventure of this personage from an actor, comedian and TV-showman to a so-called politician shortly depicts the frivolity, immature and childish political atmosphere of Ukraine in general. At the same time electors factually had to prefer Zelenskiy against Parashenko. Having collected around 30 % votes, he seems favorite for the ultimate round/tour of elections on 21.4.

However, the matter is that neither Zelenskiy has any serious kind of politics and perspective concerning the completion of military occupation in Donbass nor he has any positive report regarding his position to Donbass-Problem. On the contrary it should be remembered that he both supported the civilian-fascist putsch process in Kiev and the military activity of the Ukraine Army in Donetsk- and Lugansk’ territories. That’s why most probably there won’t be any radical and overall alteration in Ukraine and her Donbass policy. 

In this equation, Yulia Timoshenko represents almost nothing except being a decisive and loyal candidate for the president-seat, in order to execute the interests of particular oligarch elite that is supporting her. On the other hand, even though the leader of opposition Yuriy Boyko became the most voted candidate through the occupied northern parts of Donbass, general support to him in the other cities, and regions related to the political, administrative and other kinds of pressure low and weak. 

Consequently, taking account of all these facts and cases; we can say that alternative name of this election is already “fake-election; does not present the people of Ukraine real and serious candidates desirable under democratic and civilized circumstances.

Okay Deprem, Turkish author and journalist

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