Opinion: “Kiev want to rule Donbass how they choose” – Serbian journalist

Even before the war and crimes against Donbass, Kiev showed its will to stop the will of the people: the very rise to power of the current Ukrainian regime came through illegitimate Maidan revolution and blatant disregard of Ukraine’s laws and Constitution.

Now, after their attempt to commit something dangerously similar to genocide was denied on Donbass battlefields, their intentions toward DNR and LNR are only more ominous because hate is mixed with frustration. 

Their decision to exclude Donbass from the coming elections proves, once more, that Kiev opposes any peaceful resolution of the war that rages for almost five years. All they want is to rule Donbass any way they choose. And that is the one thing Donbass should never accept, or be forced to accept.

Miodrag Zarkovic – Serbian journalist

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