Ukrainian presidential candidate Zelensky thanked Nazi-battalions in Donbass

Stalkerzone reports: The presidential candidate of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, together with his colleagues from the “Quarter 95” studio, in the run-up to the second round of presidential elections recorded a video message for the militants of the Ukrainian army, having showered punitive battalions with compliments, including the neo-Nazi “Azov” and criminal “Aidar“, which wage war on Donbass and whose victims are children, women, and the elderly of Donbass.

Thus, Vladimir Zelensky, together with other actors of “Quarter 95”, said that they are waiting for punishers of the UAF “with victory” and hope for their speediest return home. But what about the beautiful stories that the war in Donbass should end without bloodshed, by diplomatic means?

What victory? Over who?

“Thank you. I will not let you down”, said Zelensky at the end of the published video, having given priority to punishers, and not a peaceful life for the people of Donbass, who for five years have lived the horrors of war.

“You probably know what the special forces, special regiments of the Interior Ministry, nationalist battalions, assault and landing brigades, and other punishers are doing in Donbass? So here. Zelensky’s team decided to thank all of them for their support and let them know that they are awaited back home. With ‘victory’ Who exactly they want to defeat isn’t mentioned.”

Stalkerzone, 09.04.2019

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