Opinion: “Stop fake fascist rubber stamped elections in Ukraine!” – Irish author and activist

As we approach the fifth anniversary of the fake people’s revolution for democracy in Ukraine, this deception is being solidified with new fake Presidential elections?

The vote took place on March 31st, 2019 ironically its Mothers Day and I will be remembering all the mother’s who have lost family through the violence unleashed on the peaceful civilian population of the state at that time.

The coup in February 2014 saw the President flee from his elected position as the violence, which many claims emanated from a pre-organized plan, which was driven supported and financed by the European Union and the United States of America.

When the west championed regime change against the Democratically elected leaders of this republic, a fascist-led coup then ensued, where those who supported the politics of the Nazi Regime during the second world war, where now to have their imprature on power.

A socialist country with a pro-Russian majority became a fascist state, where communists were beaten and murdered and ultra-right-wing paramilitary extremists have helped keep the coup leaders in power. With the open war against Donbas, since it and Crimea push to distance themselves from a fascist regime which they never elected and never recognized.

These latest Ukrainian Presidential elections which deny opposition candidates like the communists a place on the ballot paper is simply copper-fastening the original illegal violent overthrow of a democratically elected Parliament.

As Ukraine drapes itself further still in the mantle of fascism with Jihadi battalions fighting alongside Ukrainian fascists to destroy Donbasa. The real question is not who will win this propagandized false Presidential election but who will defend the socialists the communists and the separatists who continue to refuse to recognize the legitimacy of a fascist coup?

Are we witnessing a return to pre-world war two politics of fascism attacking its perceived enemies which include any of us on the left who demand Democratic accountability not fake fascist rubber stamped elections which have the veneer of respectability but in reality are simply the illusion of a Democratic model?

Petro Symonenko the leader of the Ukraine Communist Party has been refused the opportunity to run as a presidential candidate as the communist party is banned from standing in elections. This blatant hypocrisy highlights the fact that these elections which deny over 12% of the electorate the opportunity to vote flies in the face of western claims that this election is representative of the people. Sign the petition!

Fra Hughes, Ireland, author and political activist

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